Frequently asked questions

What is an Adult Day Program?

Adult Day programs offer supervised programming in a group setting – to assist the elderly as well as those with chronic illness or cognitive disability. These programs also include assistance with personal care, for-instance foot care.

Clients who attend the program enjoy activities, exercise, good nutrition and social time.

As well, there are special programs, such as other specialized services days for identified client groups such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are held.

What is Respite & Who needs It?

We all need a break. If you need a day or a few days off, the person you care for can attend an adult day program. These programs offer structured and supervised activities in a group setting. Respite offers you as caregiver peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being cared for in a comfortable and safe place, in a familiar and home like environment. Most importantly, you can have some relief from the stress which is part and parcel of caring for our loved ones at home.

24/7 Respite care-giving is available, a minimum 3 nights stay.

How to qualify for a Adult day program?

The person you care for needs a referral from the LHIN for all publicly funded adult day programs. The LHIN coordinator assigned to the person you care for can help you get a referral. Each program may require different things to qualify.

Applying for respite care

You apply for respite care through your local LHIN. Find your local LHIN by: calling 989 -889-9889 from anywhere in Nova scotia searching listings with your postal code Once you connect with your local LHIN, a representative will: go over all the qualifications with you to ensure eligibility arrange any necessary assessments of the person you care for e.g. assessment needed for personal support services help you complete any necessary application e.g. applications needed for short stays in long-term care homes schedule the service(s) (e.g. dates and times, entry into home, transportation) if you are approved for respite care

How long can the Short stay be for Respite care

While you are away, the person you care for can stay for up to 60 days in a long-term care home. They cannot be admitted for more than 90 days in a calendar year.

How to qualify for Respite care

Qualifying for respite care Adassa's Respite Adult day program is based on your needs and the needs of the person in your care. To qualify, you must: need to be away for more than one day (e.g. vacation), or need to be in hospital, or be experiencing a health issue is preventing you from continuing to provide care. The person in your care must: need nursing care around the clock, or at frequent intervals, including on-site supervision assistance with daily living.